Interview Globalhagen Hostel (English)

During my stop in Copenhagen, I stayed in Globalhagen Hostel, downtown.
This Hostel is a new concept, and I thus made an interview with Alex (the social media and a member of the project) in order to tell you everything on this incredible project that you required to like and follow!
Thank you infinitely to all the team which is really nice, and long live to this project, which I will closely monitor!

Alex 🙂


How was born this new project of hostel / Who had the idea?

It has long been a dream of our ngo Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke / Action Aid Denmark to open our own hostel to raise awareness, activate volunteers, create a unique social atmosphere and raising money for projects in countries where poverty, inequality and equal distribution of wealth is still a huge challenge. Well, then last year a small group of people started the actual planning of the hostel – among them Jeppe who is the manager of the hostel. We started building in August 2015 – and now we have a hostel up and running. It’s quite amazing, if you ask me.


How many volunteers have participated in this project?

That’s a bit hard to say because we have so many great people coming and going. But I can tell you that we right now have around 200 volunteers who are doing a great job at the hostel and our café MellemRummet (same concept as the hostel).


How did you manage to gather volunteers from all around the world?

We have some people from abroad studying in Denmark and wanting to do some voluntary work and meet other people. The majority of the volunteers though are from Denmark. We have a strong network of volunteers connected to the NGO behind Globalhagen Hostel – Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke. Partly because of all the great volunteers in our café – MellemRummet – which has been going strong for 5 years now and partly because we have many who have been abroad as part of Global Contact (a programme where volunteers go abroad and work for example at an orphanage in Bolivia). Besides that, I think that more and more Danes are tired of our right wing government making cut backs on the humanitarian area, which means that there are less support for countries where poverty is widespread. Therefore they take action themselves and many do so by doing voluntary work for a good cause.

From which country was the biggest part  of volunteers?

Here it’s as diverse and beautiful as in the surrounding streets of the neighbourhood of Nørrebro, where we are situated: We have young students, seniors and people from Argentina, Germany, USA, Colombia, India, Uganda and many more countries. Globalhagen truly is global!


Where go the profits?

The proceeds of the hostel and café in 2016 will go to a Mellemfolkeligt Samvirke project in Zambia called Global Platforme. MS has Global Platforms all over the world and it’s quite thrilling that we are now opening a new platform in Zambia. The platform will be the center of many activities that basically strives to give the youth some tools to know their rights and let their voices being heard. We support the youth in changing the world.

Why did you choose to give the profits to this organization?

As I work here, I don’ get to choose – the project we support is strictly chosen by all the volunteers. They simply vote for the project they find the most interesting.

Are materials used in the construction recycled materials?

Yes, quite a lot of the materials used to build the interior of the hostel are recycled materials that we’ve found around, others have been donated to us by companies and private persons that want to support a good cause. We have also received some new materials and paint from companies in the Copenhagen area.


When did you open?

Globalhagen Hostel opened on the 6th of November 2015 with a big party with live music and DJ’s from Brazil, Chile and Denmark. Lots of dancing all night too!


Will you organize events / Which type of events?

We already organize lots of events in the café: live music, stand up comedy, movie nights, political debates and so on and so forth. We also cooperate with Copenhagen Jazz Festival and the electronic music festival Distortion, so we have many concerts and a street party now and then. We have more exciting plans up our sleeve for 2016 – but you will have to wait and see about that. Can’t give too much away 🙂

What’s the next step with the hostel?

We are in an initial phase, so we are still learning everyday. The most important thing for us at this stage is to improve on all facets of running a hostel and making a stay with us an unique experience for every single guest. In short: we want to be better than yesterday – everyday. We are planning to expand the hostel and are right now building new rooms called: ‘Uganda’, ‘Brazil’ and ‘Denmark’. Besides that we are off course very much focused on establishing a healthy business, so we can send as much money as possible to the project in Zambia.

You have also the interview in French here !

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