I am back in Stockholm!
Fallen in love with this city in November 2014, I could not leave Sweden without making a stop in Stockholm!

Then, I stayed only one night and two days… But the fact to return few days in a city that you already know and that you appreciated last time, get so much pleasure! I stayed in the 2Kronor Hotel. I liked a lot the vintage side of corridors and rooms, with a Swedish decoration. I was finally able to find a hotel which lives and where every room have its original touch. In addition to that the hotel is situated in the center, next to the street where are you can find all the stores.


Well, in 2 days, admittedly I have not been able to return to all the places that I wished. I went thus obviously to the district of Gamla Stan (it is the old town part), magnificent. Crowded of souvenir shops, a little bit too much for me but well that has its charm!


Stockholm consists of 11 islands. It is possible to join them by tramway, by boat-bus (very nice to take a boat few minutes to join an island. You have a little bit the impression to reach an inaccessible place and far from the tumult of the city.)


Last year I had been able to visit all of them. The one that I had really loved was Djurgården island, with its natural side, full of greenery. From November till February March there is not many tourists and you can really appreciate the moment!

Furthermore, there are many interesting museums as:

– Spritmuseum mainly access on the history of Absolutvodka, a Swedish product.


– Vasaamuseet probably one of the the most known museums in Stockholm. It redraws the life of a warship which had been built for the king of Sweden and which sank after its inauguration.

– Abba the museum, yes yes abba as the Swedish popular group of music! I swear you, this museum really exists. The shop is the kingdom of the kitsch. Then, even if you you are not interested by visiting the museum, the shop is worth seeing.


– Skansen, I loved! It is a small Swedish village rebuilt with Swedish houses during the former time, with animals as reindeers, mooses, bears… Usually I am not a fan of « zoo » but this one is not a zoo, and animals are not relocated. You will not find a giraffe which doesn’t need to be there for example.

All other islands are also very interesting. Stockholm is made with many museums, for every taste and everywhere!

Some subway stations are real works of art
I really find this city fascinating.



After my little stop, I took the boat to join Finland.

Bye Sweden

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