Working in a farm in Iceland for a week

My week of workaway is over. I worked for a guesthouse / farm. I would not really call that « to work », I rather adopted a lifestyle, during a week.

I was with two other volunteers, a German, Ines, who was there for 3 months (she had clearly become a full member of the family) and a Hungarian, Artur, who was there for 2 months.
We had huts as arrangement: Artur had one of them just for him, and Inès and myself lived in the same. It was really spacious. It was so pleasant to wake up in the chalet in the middle of nobody leaves, with the snow which falls, without distinguishing a single house on the horizon.
Respectively, we all had between 19 and 21 years old, and it was rather nice to discover how a young person of our age screw his life in this country, and to learn how each of us arrived here… Because actually, you cannot arrived in Iceland accidentally and even less at 30 km of Höfn, in a farm / guesthouse (except to spend one night, what is not the case).

I am going to make an indirect advertising for this guesthouse with the name of  » Guesthouse Nýpugarðar  » (I specify that I get no commission, they didn’t ask me to speak about it, I make it on my own initiative). I really spent a good moments here (without forgetting all that I lived in this incredible country)!
The owners, Bogga and Elvar are people who work so much, which is remarkable. They have 644 sheeps, some horses, two really cute dogs, and a guesthouse with very big glass windows, which offer an extraordinary panorama on the landscape, always more beautiful and vaster. I cannot obviously speak that of the landscape in winter, but I think that the summer is also magic. What is brilliant in winter, it is that we can really well see auroras borealis because there is no any visual pollution.

The guesthouse is situated to 47 km of Jökulsárlón and 37 km of Höfn. On the Road 1 (Þjóð vegur 1) you have a big sign which indicates  » Guesthouse Nýpugar ð ar  » and you are then 4 km of this one. I let you take a look at their web site: http: //; and if you go to take a look on booking websites you will see only good opinions!

Now, let’s talk about what I made here.

4 points on my life in the farm:

  •  I gave tons of hay to eat for sheeps. (Small private conversation about sheeps : when we say that somebody follows someone as a sheep, it is not a metaphor, it is definitively true, namely that it is not really an intelligent animal: if one of them jumps into the lion’s den, they will go all, and by running).
  • I also spent a whole afternoon to bring out the sheeps of enclosures by surrounding them in one young path to administer them a medicine. Another thing to be known about the sheep (even if we don’t care about that), it has a lot of strength, but it is easily controllable: it is necessary to have a strategy to be able to block it, knowing that he is afraid by the man, what returns the easy task.
    I do not hide you that the first time when I made that, I was sad for these small animals, but I finally said to myself that it was it’s for their own good, and they are well treated!
  • I also counted sheeps… Yes, I swear.
  • I ate the sheep which run just next to me early in the morning. Well, we don’t think about that and we eat!

Well, enough speak about sheep!

3 other points about my work in the guesthouse, it was less funny but it was necessary to make it!

  • I cleaned rooms and bathrooms.
  • I cooked (nobody died; rather good sign I would re-try in my spare time)
  • ​I set up the breakfast.

3 points on my life when I did not work (I had a lot of spare time):

  • ​I contemplated the magnificent landscape offered to me (and I admit that this activity took me a lot of time).
  • I ate because the food is pretty good in Iceland… Even if I miss the sausage, the real cheese and the good wine. (Moreover if I have friends who will come to see me, you can bring me a few of everything you want I am not complicated any more :)).
  • I took many walks in the vast plains, and that was so pleasant!

My week of workaway is over, what means that my Icelandic trip too.

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